Stylish bookshelf

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Stylish bookshelf

Bookshelf made of wood and metal. Hanging bookshelf is a real eye catcher.

Have a wooden board cut to size - 200 cm x 20 cm x 2 cm - in your DIY superstore and buy a 20 cm x 35 cm x 1 mm sheet of metal. Transfer the parts for your shelf from the construction plan to the wooden board and the sheet of metal.

Saw the wooden parts neatly into shape using the Dremel® DSM20 compact saw and the DSM500 multi-purpose carbide cutting disc. To cut the metal sheet to shape, switch to the DSM510 metal cutting disc and you can be sure of clean cuts.

The Dremel?4200 now comes into its own. With this multitool and a 6 mm wood drill you will drill clean holes in the wood. Simply follow the instructions in the drawing. Superimpose ten of the diamond shaped pieces of board over each other and glue them together.

Assemble the remaining parts of the wooden shelf - except for the two bracket elements at the top - and transfer the drill holes to the part that lies below it. Then fix the individual elements with glue and dowels. Once the glue has dried, paint the shelf white using acrylic paint.

The metal parts that are later to serve as trim strips for the front of the shelf are spray-painted black. Screw the angle brackets onto the outer top edges of the shelf. You may also sand the front of the shelf. Fix the shelf to the wall and glue the two upper bracket elements to the angle brackets.

Finally, fix the black metal parts to the front of the shelf using double-sided adhesive tape and your bookshelf in its minimalist modern design is ready to use.

  • Screwdriver
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Wooden board such as a sheet of Multiplex (200 cm x 20 cm x 2 cm)
  • 2 angle brackets (12 cm x 12 cm)
  • 4 wood screws (about 2 cm long)
  • Approx. 25 wooden dowels (6 mm)
  • Wood glue, double-sided adhesive tape
  • White acrylic paint
  • Spray can of black paint
  • Paint roller
  • Metal sheet (20 cm x 35 cm x 1 mm)