DIY ornaments

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DIY ornaments

Create memorable DIY ornaments this year out of extra material from your garage!

Begin by tracing your desired pattern onto a thin sheet of metal. We traced our star stencil with a permanent marker. Next, etch the inside of the ornaments you'd like to personalize using a Dremel 4000 and Silicon Carbide Grinding Stone 84922.

Next, drill holes into the top of your ornaments. We found it easiest to drill into our metal ornaments before cutting them out. Using a Dremel Drill Bit 150 in the 4000 tool, slowly plunge a hole into the top of your ornament.

Now you are ready to cut out your accessories. We decided to use a shield attachment to cut out our metal stars as steel can create a fair amount of sparks. To use the shield attachment, first remove the nosepiece of your tool. With the nose off of the tool, seat your EZ Lock Mandrel into place. Now, screw the shield onto the front of the tool where the nosepiece was and place the EZ Lock cutting wheel onto the EZ Lock Mandrel. Set the speed of your tool at 25 and begin cutting along your traced lines, applying light pressure. If you notice chattering or feel you need to apply more speed, set your tool to 35. Loop twine through your drilled holes and you're done!

  • Stencil
  • Thin sheet metal
  • Twine or string