Attachments to Cut/Plane

Wall & Floor Grout Removal Kit (568)

Contents: Grout Removal Attachment, 1.6 mm Grout Removal Bit 569

Specially developed for removing grout from between wall and floor tiles.

The risk of chipping your tiles is greatly reduced compared with manual chiselling.

Guide keeps bit centered between tiles.

Easy depth adjustment.

Planer Attachment (PL400)

Contents: Planer Attachment, Planer Cutting Bit

Durable high-speed steel blade lasts up to 500 linear feet.

Planes a depth of 1/64" per pass on material up to 2¼" wide.

2¼" planing width fits most interior and exterior doors.

Precision-ground blade produces a mark-free, smooth surface.

90° and 45° edge guide assures accurate planing.

Compatible with Dremel 400 Series, 4000 Series and 8200 Rotary Tools.