Attachments to Control

Sanding / Grinding Guide (A576)

Contents: Sanding / Grinding Guide

Enhanced control during sanding and grinding applications.

Platform offers stability during edge sanding and sharpening.

Adjustable depth control for a precise finish.

Detailer’s Grip (A577)

Contents: Detailer's Grip Attachment

Added comfort and control for detailed applications.

Repositions the weight of the tool into the palm of your hand for improved balance.

Multi-Vise™ (2500)

Contents: Dremel Multi-Vise, Removable Soft-Pads, Tool Holder Adapter

The Dremel 3-in1 Multi-Vise. Stationary vise, stand alone clamp & Toolholder.

Clamps to any workbench, table or countertop

Rotates 360° and tilts 50°. Allows approach in the workpiece from an comfortable angle.

Jaws may be used with base unit or detached for use as a stand-alone bar clamp.

Makes removal of objects from jaws fast.

Resists twisting and bowing for solid stability.

Workstation™ (220)

Contents: Combined Drill Press and Tool Holder

This is the perfect solution for stationary working with your Dremel.

Drill vertically or in an angle, adjustable in increments of 15 degrees.

Holds tool horizontally for polishing and sanding.

Integrated, telescoping tool stand holds tool with Flex Shaft (225).

Base markings (metric and inches).